RAW 48

RAW 48


Bouquet of seasonal flowers with different ingredients every week:


1 special flower stem [ex. Giant Chrysanthemums]

2 main flower stems [ex. Dahlias, Echinacea]
11-12 secondary flower stems [ex. Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Achillea]
7-8 flower stems giving height [eg. Amaranth, Basil, Panicum, Berries]
8-9 flower stems and filler foliage [ex. Astro, Skimmia, Erica]


Follow us on Instagram to know the bouquet of the week or contact us at hello@rawfleurs.com to know the availability of other flowers / colors

Giorno consegna

    Spring 27-33 stems
    Summer 29-32 stems
    Autumn 27-33 stems

    Every week we select fresh flowers collected at the time of order from Italian growers, so that we can give you a good mood for longer.

    The images are for example of the RAW style follow us on Instagram to discover the ingredients of the week. If you have color or variety preferences please contact us!


    Delivery is free from Monday to Friday within the coverage area.

    After an unsuccessful delivery attempt, delivery is no longer guaranteed and a new order may be required.


    All orders are delivered as hand-tied bouquets and include a personalized card. Choose free water glass jar delivery if you expect it to remain in storage.

0039 351 9851417

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